Tuesday Night Events

Programme for Season 2018/19

Please arrive 7:30 pm promptly for events to start at 7:45 pm and finish by 10 pm     (this programme can also be downloaded in pdf format)

Sept 2018

11th - AGM (annual general meeting)

25th - Champion's Simultaneous - the traditional annual simultaneous display - by the 2015/16 club champion (Raj Bhopal).

Oct 2018

9th - Club Championship and Challengers round 1

23rd - Mate with Bishop and Knight

Can you deliver mate with bishop and knight versus the King? First, we will have a discussion on how to do this. Then, we will play this ending to see whether we can put the theory into practice. This is a very difficult ending and we need to know about it whether defending or trying to deliver mate.

Nov 2018

6th - Club Championship and Challengers round 2

20th - 10 seconds a move chess (ungraded). There will be an unofficial competition. The exact method for timing format is yet to be decided.

Dec 2018

4th - Club Championship and Challengers round 3

18th - Pairs blitz competition. Each round is teams of two, making alternate moves, with no conferring. This Christmas event will be accompanied by traditional refreshments!

Jan 2019

8th - Club Championship and Challengers round 4

22nd - Handicap Event

Odds of pawn for every hundred rating points. To promote playing between opponents of very different ratings on a more even playing field, we will play with a handicap system. For every hundred points difference the weaker player can remove a pawn up to 700 rating points. This could be all pawns or the equivalent in pieces and pawns. This should be interesting for both the weaker and stronger player.

Feb 2019

5th - Club Championship and Challengers round 5

19th - Lecture: compiling a history of the club.

In beginning the preparations for the 2022 bi-centenary of the club, we are compiling a history. We will ask one of our members who is knowledgeable about this to speak on the topic and then we will ask others to share their knowledge, including anecdotes about members and events.

Mar 2019

5th - Club Championship and Challengers round 6

19th - Lecture/demonstration

One of our stronger players will demonstrate some learning from a recent major tournament such as the European Championships or European Club Championships. Details to be announced.

Apr 2019

2nd - Unrated friendly Allegro competition

30 minutes per person. There will be pools of 4 players in rating order, so three games per person. This will be in preparation for the official club Allegro championship, which is now called the ECC Johnny Marr Allegro Championship.

16th - Johnny Marr Allegro Championship

Rounds 1-3 (these games will be rated)

30th - Johnny Marr Allegro Championship

Rounds 4-6 (these games will be rated)

May 2019

14th - Club Championship and Challengers catch-up-time.

Please play any outstanding games by this date so we can conclude these competitions by the end of June, when they have to be submitted for rating purposes.

28th - Blitz competition-informal, in preparation for the club blitz championship

Jun 2019

11th - Club championship and challengers championship round 7 (final round)

18th - Club Blitz Championship.

There will be seven rounds (ungraded). Can you topple the reigning champion Sergio Bermudez?

New Event Ideas

We welcome ideas and suggestions from the members for new events that we can stage during the year. Please contact any of the committee members or team captains and they will be happy to pass on your ideas.